Simulated Game

Games which try to accurately depict real world situations, physics and events as accurately as possible’.

Here at Goldstones we aim to recreate a day of game shooting throughout the off season. We can cater for all shooting abilities with a choice of different clay targets.


The standard clay

This clay is the most commonly used clay and replicates the pheasant. Ideal for any standard of shooter, particularly those closer to the novice end of the spectrum.


The midi clay

This clay raises the bar and is great for those guns wishing to challenge themselves further. Smaller in size than the standard this clay flies faster and is ideal for replicating partridge and grouse.


The mini clay

The ‘piece de resistance’ of the clay world. Think you can shoot? This clay is the ultimate shooting challenge, sizing in just larger than a £2 coin, you really will need to be on the ball to hit these micro whizzing rockets. Simulating quail, this target really does seperate the men from the boys!

Goldstones Simulated Game Shoots offer days using just one type of clay or a mixture of all. You tell us what level of shooting you require and we will provide.

nb. the mini clays are recommended for advanced shooters, these clays are more expensive and will be reflected in your package price.